I know I always say this but…

I think I’ll keep him.

So Tobin bought me flowers again today. I always berate him for spending money on me, but really, once I have them, I absolutely love them. Especially these ones. They smell DEEEvine. Freesias and Hyacinths in case you are wondering. I’m sitting in the computer room (for a change) and I smell their sweet smell and it makes me feel good. You wanna know why? Because the computer room in Von Zedlitz 101 at Victoria University has the airflow of a padded cell. With the combination of a million computers running, windows that are permanently locked, useless air conditioning, and a whole bunch of stressed out students, the room ends up smelling a bit like old socks – and that’s without the smelly lady*!!! But today… today it smells like Freesias and Hyacinths. A-freakin’-men.

So thank you Tobin. I will definitely keep you.

And oh, look at that! I found something a teensy bit interesting to write about. Perhaps it is the V kicking in.

* I try to pretend I’m rather sensitive to people’s feelings. And I’m sure this lady is absolutely lovely. It’s just that last year I almost died whenever she came into the room. Her personal smell was a little offensive, but what was so much worse is that she tried to drown it in the most disgusting perfume I have ever smelt in my life. I’ve seen her this year and she doesn’t smell 1/2 as bad… so good on ya smelly lady. You are awesome.


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