The day that was

Today was the day I lapsed on my ‘no crafting until I finish study’ promise. But I decided that seeing as I have been working my little butt off for the whole week (yes, one week out of 52 ain’t bad) I deserved a bit of a treat. And last night Hannah was up from about 2am til 6am complaining of a sore stomach, which I was in no mood to give her sympathy for. Then finally at about 8am she threw up and was happy as Larry after that. So not quite sure what that was all about, but atleast it’s over. Here’s hoping she sleeps all of tonight.

Anyway, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Days at home with Hannah are all about wasting away the morning with an activity that’ll tire her out enough to sleep away the afternoon. Fortunately 1/2 my job was done for me with her ridiculous night last night, but I decided to drag her shopping at Spotlight anyway. She usually ends up in a screaming heap of toddly tiredness after shopping trips so I knew this would do the trick… oh, and I’d get to buy crafty stuff too!

For good measure I took along Tobin so I could make him in charge of the Devil Child while I went a bit mad spending. Unfortunately this was not to be. Well, he filled his end of the deal, but I couldn’t find what I wanted. ARGH. I was looking for a new set of handles for this bag…

It’s such a gorgeous bag. I bought it when I was a poor student in Dunedin in one of the op shops by the Botanical Gardens. For four whole dollars (and it had handles at the time). Anyway, I somehow broke the handles a few years ago, probably from excessive use of cute handbag, and haven’t been able to use it since! I found it in the back of my wardrobe not long ago and decided that I’d resurrect it. But can I find handles that don’t cost a fortune? No! I mean, I paid $4 for the whole bag so there is no way in hell that I’m paying $13 PER. HANDLE. to fix it. No way. Not when I reckon I could fashion some myself. So, that’s going on my project list. Well, sort of. It reads more like: “Consult Industrial Design student sister and see if she will make me handles.” That should do it I reckon.

I didn’t manage to make it out of Spotlight completely empty handed though. I came across some variegated cotton on sale (from $7.99 to $2.99) and I couldn’t resist it. I have made the conscious decision to buy into the Nappy Network craze of knitting dishcloths. I’m sick of scummy sponges. So now I am going to have super fun knitted cotton dishcloths. And my whole family will get the for Christmas. Whether they like it or not. Fits with my whole mission to make all (well… most) of my pressies this year.

And I got this lovely knitting book which has some gorgeously simple patterns that even the knitting-challenged, such as myself, can follow! Yay! I’m quite excited about getting into it. I’m even more excited about the Stitch N’ Bitch group that I’m going to force on people when I finish my essays.

You know the best thing about today? Today I realised that with the 20 free hours of childcare scheme thing, I can afford to put Hannah into creche over summer and spend that time all to myself and craft until I drop. That’s a whole lot of crafting. I am so excited. It might even mean that I am able to stick to my handmade present mission.

Anyway, on to the school work. I’m doing rather well I tell ya. Only three weeks to go!! So please don’t hold it against me if I’m a slack ass updating the blog. Trust me, you’d rather me post nothing than the mindless drivel that I’d come out with in my zombie-schoolwork-state.


4 thoughts on “The day that was

  1. See, that’s just not fair. I was at Spotlight yesterday AND child free for like the first time ever. But do yout think I could find any cotton yarn? Nope, Nup, Nuddah. And hello, here it is staring me in the face on you blog. Happy Knitting!!!


  2. I have some spare(ish) handles that might work for you. Let me know if you’d like me to email you a picture of them…And Target has a very good deal on soaps that would be a perfect match for your washcloths but als there is no Traget in NZ :-/


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