I can’t stop


Although atleast today it has been rather productive procrastination. I cleaned up a storm in the morning, then went grocery shopping (that was a bit necessary, I hate the supermarket and had left it a bit long), then Hannah and I made cupcakes (again) and then I knitted some more of my dishcloth. Which I realised is a very very similar colour scheme to the blanket that lives on my bed. Excellent, the cloth that wipes up scum in the kitchen will match my bed.

In other news, my drunken idiot of a sister broke a bone in her shoulder. She went out to one of her friend’s 21st birthday and then proceeded to take shots of vodka. She doesn’t really recall what happened after that but has vague memories of throwing up for hours in the bathroom and then waking up in intense pain. She’s rather pathetic and I’m trying not to feel sorry for her due to the fact that this is all her own fault. Well, sort of. With our co-ordination skills I’m not convinced this is entirely to do with alcohol. As far as I know, she tripped over a mattress and landed on a wall. Not so good. And yeah, I can definitely see myself doing exactly the same thing. So perhaps I should actually listen to her weak calling and help her get dressed. Ah, the things we do for siblings!


4 thoughts on “I can’t stop

  1. If *I* can do my weeding, *YOU* can do your study. Weeding is far, far worse than study. It’s so much worse, it’s not even comparible (sp?). Now, go study. It’ll soon be over!


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