The last of my money

Right, have run out of money on stupid Vic account. They charge $0.15 per meg and let me tell you now, that goes awfully fast when you are addicted to forums. Yes. Very fast. So I’m purposely not topping up my account to save me procrastinating. 21 days to go.

Anyway, while I am at home, I thought I’d share a few things I have purchased in the last week. Terrible photos, but it’s been yucky today so I couldn’t get anything decent without putting some effort in. And effort? Too much work for my lazy ass.

Some fabric courtesy of TradeMe. We have a love/hate relationship. I hate that someone is making money off my laziness. But then I can’t quite bring myself to go and hunt down the op shops for cool fabric. So much easier from the comfort of my computer chair. Actually, who am I kidding? My computer chair is terribly uncomfortable. Should really get off it and get some exercise. Right. No more TradeMe fabric buying for the year. I have will power.

And then a lovely lovely necklace from the lovely lovely Hannah from the Nappy Network. It’s made of floral silk and resin beads which she has knotted into the silk. Hannah is doing a bachelor something or rather in jewellery design. I think. Anyway, she’s talented. I love the necklace. Just have to create an occasion to wear it of course.

So that’s the last of my spending for a while. As I am poor. Terribly poor. I need to start saving for our trip to Nelson in November. I’m soooo looking forward to relaxing somewhere other than here. And childless! Bliss! Can’t wait.



2 thoughts on “The last of my money

  1. I call them washcloths and use them in the bath and shower, I’m not gonna knit things for the pots when i can have things for mE! luxury things! I want aware of the knit-cloth revolution in nz though.


  2. Ah, you’ve not come across us nappy nerds then. We’ve got a bit of a knitting section on The Nappy Network and the latest craze is the knitted dishcloths.I’d prefer to use it for my face, I’m sure, but I barely ever use a washcloth and I’m sick of yucky sponges. This one might be a bit gaily coloured to be relegated to wiping benches tho 😉


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