It’s dawned on me in the last few days that I am coming to a major cross-road in my life. I’m finishing my honours year in International Relations in 20 days and as yet, have not decided where I am going. My main idea is to get a job. But what sort of job? I have been leaning towards a job in government as some sort of policy analyst. But is that where I want to be? It is good experience… but then should I be putting more effort into pursuing my long term goal of working in international development? Or have I given up on that since I’ve seen how much development organisations struggle for funding, or the fact that I am unable to contribute anything practical to the job? Does this mean I should study more? Do my Master’s degree? Or should I studying something more practical like midwifery? But then that means I have to be a poor student for quite a lot longer… something I’d like to avoid if at all possible. Do I want to do something creative? Or intellectual? Or entrepreneurial?

All I know is that I have Hannah booked into childcare from January and I pretty much have to have something figured out by then. Anything beyond that is making me totally bewildered. Someone want to make a decision for me?


4 thoughts on “Cross-road

  1. Hrmmm… not looking promising. Perhaps instead I just get a job that pays the bills and focus on the lovely and fulfilling task of raising a decent human being. That can be the start of my contribution to the world. The rest hopefully will fall into place :SSue – I’ll be over to check it out when I get home. Wonder what weird and wonderful 8 things you’ve come up with 😉


  2. I felt like that after my hons degree in clothing, and no job on the horizon, but things fell into place, I got a scholarship, I also felt like that after I finished my PhD, still no ‘useful career in sight’. Things fell into place. I firmly believe you make your own opportunities, not in an entrepreneur way, or a self help book way, but things come your way and you choose or not, and that leads places. Take time with you littie, and explore the city, some one some where needs you, and needs to know you, further education is great but v.expensive in this day and age.


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