Losing the plot

I have to write it here as I don’t currently know anyone in the post-grad computer room at Vic.

I’m losing it. I’ve spent so much time in this damn computer room that when I leave the room to eat an orange (as I just did) or go to the toilet (in the gross gross Vic Uni toilets… that’s a whole other post), I completely forget which computer I am using. This leads to me walking aimlessly around the room trying to identify my coat that is slung over the back of a chair. Now, ordinarily this isn’t a problem as everyone is so far engrossed in their work that they don’t even notice the slightly confused nerdo wandering around. But this time… someone noticed. She looked at me. I saw her out of the corner of my eye. I pretended not to notice that she noticed. Back to looking confused. Noticed her noticing me looking confused. Noticed her noticing me noticing her noticing me looking confused. ARGH. Cover blown. Sheepishly realise that my computer is right next to hers. She sees me walking over and smirks. I sit down and hang my head in shame, then log on to blogger to let it all out and save myself from bringing it up years later in therapy.

Stupid computer room.

P.S. Last post was number 100. Now that’s exciting! Brain isn’t functioning well enough to actually do anything about it so we will post-pone celebrations until post 200 OK? OK.


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