Yep, I’m gonna mix my politics and fashion and get myself a Keffiyeh (or كوفية, keffiyeh, keffiye, keffiyah, kefiyah, kefiya, kefiyat, kaffiyeh, kaffiyah, kaffiya, kafiya, kufiyah, kuffiyah, kufiya, shmagh, shemagh, gutra, hatta)

I know that it’s sad buying into is a fashion craze, but I’ve wanted one for quite a while. I’ve also had a bit of a soft spot for the Palestinians for more than a while (last year’s research was on Hamas and the Palestinian resistance movement).

I did some research anyway, to check that it was alright to wear one. I think the general consensus is that it’s exploiting the Palestinian identity, but then I also think that providing the person wearing the Keffiyeh is politically aware, then they consider it support for their cause.

Anyway, check out this hilarious blog post – Modern Chronology of the Keffiyah Kraze

4 thoughts on “Politishion

  1. Wow, this one totally passed me by… I was wearing a keffiya back in 2000-2001, simply because it seemed radical, and I was supporting the intifada. I might be getting one again…I watched ‘Paradise Now’ last night – you might want to give that a go after you hand your essays in. Best of luck!


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