How did I miss this?

I forgot an item from my list of things to do in my post-essay life.


In particular – read historical romance novels. Oh the shame! But the excitement at the same time!

This book is first on my list. Excellent. *Swoon at Jamie Fraser* *Swoon also at Roger Whatsisname* *Evil dagger eyes at Lord John Grey*

Please please please don’t tell me I’m the only one a little bit into historical fiction?


8 thoughts on “How did I miss this?

  1. Yeah – we’re avid book worms over here. So much so, that when the final harry potter book came out we brought two copies. I think curling up with a good book is just what you.


  2. Historical book looney over here too!I had no idea that the latest DG book was out, and actually let out a little squeel at the bookstore when I saw it on display, before grabbing a copy, clutching it to my breast and dashing to the checkout. Anti consumerism be damned!!I also have the entire series of cross stitch books if you want to borrow any of them. I’ll only send them once you’ve finished study though!


  3. Yay for fellow book worms! And especially yay for fellow DG fans! I knew you’d pull through for me S! 😉Thanks for the offer but I managed to acquire the whole set from Mum and devoured them in my first year at uni. Although… I did lend some out and not sure they were returned to me. Will have to start recollecting them (just in case mum finds out! Eek!).


  4. Im totally stuck on the Phillippa gregory Tudor series books atm. Actually I always was, from when they first came out, and damnit! release a new one PG!


  5. Yep historical fiction all round, and i’m a philippa gregory fan too – at least of her earlier tudor stuff. I think her more recent stuff is a bit poos. but yes, i get totally involved and sit reading them for hours on end until the boy practically tears the book up out of neglect.


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