More from the Devil Child

OK, so Hannah is now away at my Mum’s place in Rotorua so that I can have a week of hard-core blogging school work. We’ve been trying to condition her for the last few days which has gone quite successfully. She’s not at all worried about leaving me, which is good if a little heart-wrenching at the same time. Ah well, better independent and dependent I say. Anyway, as a result of this conditioning she came up with a few interesting answers to my question.

Me: Hannah, where are you going today?

Devil Child: ROTORUAAA! With Jen-Jen.

Me: What am I going to do?

Devil Child: You have fun at school Mum? *sweet little inquisitive face on*

Hrmmmm… fun… school…? Does she have ANY idea??

*Everyone (including my mum, aka Jen-Jen) sitting in lounge*

Me: Hannah, where are you going today? (Oh yeah, we are ALL about repetition.)

Devil Child: Rotorua. To Jen-Jen’s house!

Jen-Jen: And what is Mummy going to do?

Devil Child: SEWING!!! *very loud and proud and not at all subtle*

Oops. Busted.


2 thoughts on “More from the Devil Child

  1. she will love it, my ones love their time at grandads, and one never even misses me at all. As long as some one she knows is loving her and looking after her she if fine, the other one does get a little blue. I put it down to the early years at a creche (such a bad mother I am), they grow up knowing parents are not the only ones who look after them and we present it as its ‘grandads turn’ to have them scenario, which goes down well. They ask whos turn it is next and feel very special.


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