Blowing in the wind

I’m anti-litter. I say that like you can be pro-litter… ah well. I have been this way for quite some time now, geekily so even. I tried to convince the jocked up 1st 15 boys at Western Heights High School that they should set an example for the younger kids by being seen picking up rubbish at school, thereby rendering litter clean up “cool”. Ermmm. Failed dismally. They kindly laughed me out of the room. I still hold that against you Jeremy and Joel.

Anywayyy… as I was walking from creche to work the other day, I saw a man stoop down and scoop up a piece of rubbish out of the foliage alongside the path. I was so impressed that I also picked up a discarded beer bottle when I came across one a few metres down. But then I saw another and another and another. How much can ya do when you are on the way to work? There are only so many beer bottles you can carry (for AGES as the next rubbish bin wasn’t until just outside my work) without looking like an alcoholic. And given said placement of rubbish bin, very close to Those Who Employ Me, it was probably a good idea I only grabbed one in order to avoid looking like an alcoholic. V. impt on a Monday morning. The guilt followed me all the same.

It has become my mission to pick up stray bits of rubbish that I see blowing in the wind, in order to deposit them into the bin on my way past. It isn’t hard, and generally isn’t too germ infested. As long as it doesn’t look like there is anything hygenically questionable about the pieces of rubbish I spot, I’m OK with touching them. But then, I still feel guilty leaving the gross stuff. Maybe I should start carrying around a rubber glove. Is that too obsessive?

My mission also has another aim. I hope that people spot me, effortlessly taking a piece of rubbish and placing it in the nearby bin, and emulate that behaviour. I mean, I may not be a 1st 15 rugby kid, but surely people have some sense of environmental guilt? I appeal to that guilt!

Keep NZ beautiful kiddos.

7 thoughts on “Blowing in the wind

  1. I’ve been known to do that too.. you made me laugh with your alcoholic comment 😛 we all know about you and your “secret” hehe 🙂 Hope ya didn’t get blown away in the wind today!!


  2. You can get keep nz beautiful logo tshirts/hoodies, did you know? At mr vintage i think. I would say a glove is kind of obsessive BUT what about a plastic shopping bag?? That could work maybe…Very honourable of you *bows down*😀


  3. I understand .. I campaigned hard to get recycling bins in the kitchen on our floor, and then when the giant bright yellow and blue bins turn up mere nanometres from the old rubbish bin, people still put the empty plastic milk bottles in the rubbish bin.Morons!I am pleased to say these people do accounts from the other side of our floor – not us glorious journos.


  4. I too, take my kids into the forest equipped with rubbish bags and rubber gloves. It’s a great activity. On the days when I can sublimate my simmering anger at litter louts, the fresh air & exercise & joy at doing A Good Thing, are very worth while indeed.


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