Miscellaneous photo collection

There are pictures from over the last week or so. They are not in order. Due to my lack of brain power, I will just add a commentary with the pics, which will be no where near as hilarious as The Bean‘s photo commentary. But all the same, better than another nail report no? (Which btw – 40% Rats and double rats.)

Beware: I did tinker with them a little on our primitive editing software (it’s no photoshop I tell ya) so the Devil Child looks a whole bunch more redheaded than she actually is. Which is a tad disappointing as I luuuurve how auburn she looks in some of these pics!

This is the card that Hannypants and Jutey Kid made for mum. Jute sewed the little butterflies on and then Hannah wrote in the card. I can see letters! Yahooo! My child is a genius. She’s really into “T for Tobin” and makes the letter all the time out of objects. At first I had no idea what she was talking about when she held up the two lovingly wrapped pressies for her friend’s birthday party. Then I realised she had placed one horizontally on top of the other, held vertically, making a T. She’s super clever.

While Jute was making the card, I was making a butterfly tree, and Devil Child was running very later for her sleep while we got a bit excited about cutting out teeny little butterflies. The little card cut outs keep flipping upside down, and my branch is not very twiggy, so doesn’t look as cool as the original which can be found on DQB design, her little cut out is also waaaay cooler.

And this is my sister, Juliet, my mama, Jenny, myself, Nikki, and mama’s friend, Lou. We all went to the World of Wearable Art show on Saturday night. It was supremely cool. And while I have found another blogger who thought the performance wasn’t that flash, I thought it was faaaaabulous. Mind you, I don’t get out much. I’d definitely do it again though. I think they did such a beautiful job of all the clothes, and the lighting, and music, and actors, and the trapeze artists. Lovely lovely. There was also quite a lot of ballet, and if you know me that means that the WOW show got a big thumbs up from this former-ballerina-who-wished-she-could-have-been-good-enough

Oh, and because it was a very very sunny day, I hung out washing. And then took a self-portrait amongst said washing. No idea why. Just felt the need.

And now are a whole pile of Devil Child photos. And I hope you like Devil Child photos as there are heeeeaps. I quite like her at the moment. And because she’s away it means that I get to say that with the distance that is required before anyone can say they actually like a 2 year old. (Almost 3 year old! Eeeek!) Anyway, here she is in various situations.


3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous photo collection

  1. The undies on head shot kills me. It’s the epitomy of cuteness and makes me want to pack everything up and move to wellington so Aesop and Hannah can hang out more often. (and of couse I would just happen to hang out with you at the same time! perfect-o!). Boo for distance. Big fat boo.Hannah is very clever writing letters. I bet Tobin is stoked about the T. Aesop can tell me what most of the letters are but he’s a way off writing them yet. Lately he’s been keen on lying on the ground and making the shapes of the letters with his body though. HA. Trust my child.Thank you for your sweet, sweet compliments on my blog. Me, and my round bottom, thank you very much. We think you’re swell.Oh, and hoody will be in the post tomorrow, it rained today so I didn’t get to the post office!Ciao! x


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