A new me

Damnit. Really didn’t want to bump the top photo in the last post from the top of my blog as I think it’s sooo preeeeeetty, but ah well. I have ranting to do.

I just got a haircut. I desperately needed one. And a colour actually, but I don’t pay people to do that. I’m much to cheap. Turns out I’m not actually cheap though. Since when did it cost $68.00 to get a haircut??? And that’s with a student discount. If I had not plead poverty then it’d have cost me $80.00. That’s about $1 per hair on my head! (I don’t have much in the way of hair) Ah well, it was worth it. She’s the first hair dresser that hasn’t styled my hair like a 1980s power dressing business woman. I mean, I know I need volume, but seriously – do I need to look like this?!?!?

Right. So. A list.

Things I love about getting my hair cut:

  • My head being massaged
  • The smell of the lovely shampoo they use
  • All the ladies are so preeeetty
  • They make you cups of tea (well, my $68.00 salon didn’t. Maybe they were trying to increase their profit margin?)
  • Trashy magazine
  • Talking crap about yourself for an hour
  • Looking pretty when leaving (except if you end up walking out of a time warp and into the 1980s)

Things I HATE about getting my hair cut:

  • Being blind. I never know what the cut is looking like until I put my glasses on at the end and it is far to late… the 1980s have blindsided me.
  • The lights and the mirrors. They are so clear that you can’t help but seeing how horrible you really look (Time to remove the glasses me thinks.)
  • The ladies are all so preeeetty
  • Talking crap about yourself for an hour
  • The price

All in all, happy with today’s effort. Seeing as I had just blown half my savings on my hair, I decided to go and spend the other half. Condenses the guilt ya know? It’s only one guilty spending period rather than drawing it out into two. So I bought a dress from Fin. But it was on sale. And good gosh, it’s gorgeous. And brown. And simple. And the arms are super long so my ape arms actually fit in the sleeves. I’ll show you once I colour my hair.


5 thoughts on “A new me

  1. pfft. All the cool kids these days are rocking 80’s haircuts.I love all of those things about the hairdresser too.My hairdresser is lovely dovely, and she cuts my hair better than anyone ever has before. It’s a pretty special woman who convinces me to actually straighten my hair and use product everyday, but I’m thankful she finally talked me into it.Can’t wait to see the new ‘do and the dress!


  2. Just came across your blog and love it! My 4-year old did a terrible DIY hair-cut on herself today. I’m taking her to the hairdressers a.s.a.p. but there isn’t a whole lot left to work with! Her reasoning was ever practical: I couldn’t see properly.I’m going to have to convince her to wear some hair-clips for Kindi on Monday or else they’ll wonder who the new boy is!


  3. Oooo … I so know what you mean! I have had my fair share of ‘helmet’ (sp?) haircuts over time courtesy of most hairdresser’s desire to cut my hair as though it’s straight, which it’s not. I tend to end up with the top section sitting ala poodle, then a long straightish section, and ringlets at the ends. Beautiful.Thankfully though, I have a marvellous hairdresser at the mo who always gives me a good cut. He has a hair washer called ‘magic hands’ and massaging chairs for when you get your hair washed *bliss*.As far as the cost, all I’m going to tell you is that it’s noticeably cheaper than the $100 I got stiffed at Toni & Guy.Also, you realise that if you accepted even a small payment from me to cover your costs on the toilet bag, you could put it towards the hair cut? 😉


  4. yo chick,saw ya at sharonNZ i think… or around…lol about your hair adventure:<>Talking crap about yourself for an hour<>what *is* it about Hair Stylists that they manage to do the *shrink* thing at the same time???and then ya leave wondering how/why you divulged all *those* inner secrets.my hair lady is usually $60 for a good cut and a few blonde streaks through the crown, but this july (yeah, i get hair cut twice a year lol) i opted for The Extreme Makeover and had to fork out *ahem* NINETY BUCKS. twice. < HREF="http://katekiwi.blogspot.com/2007/07/double-chocolate.html" REL="nofollow">cos R14 my daughter got the same ‘do<>….. X


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