Creating and receiving

As promised a few hours ago… here is the product of my latest creating, in concert with my little sister – a skirt. She’s currently missing an arm (well, her collar bone is fractured by her shoulder which has rendered her right arm unusable) so she wasn’t able to sew, though the naughty kid did a little bit anyway. Her doc will not be impressed. Anyway, it was for a 21st of hers which was themed “Fancy Shirts” – not quite sure how our creation fit into this theme, but it was made in the tightest possible time-frame in true “Whyte sister style” and it did the job. I also made her a matching sling for when her arm got sore (i.e. before she even left for the damn party) but she said she wanted to enter looking good, not all broken.

And I received a lovely gift in the mail from Amelia at Eve’s Bijoux which was really generous of her! They are two knitted cuffs with cute little buttons sewn on them. I have worn them every day since I got them, so enamoured with them, I am! They are so warm and super stylish. I can almost pretend I am fashionable! Weeeee! It really makes me want to get creating and gifting… I love this whole bloggy gifty culture. It reminds me of the Koha Tree on the Nappy Network which I think is the loveliest idea ever. You submit your details to the person co-ordinating the tree and then you have access to other people’s details so that you can send them anonymous gifts. I got a wool winder from the fab Helen once. And I have another little gift to send off soon… unfortunately it isn’t handcrafted, but it is something that someone might need and perhaps something that might make them feel better on an otherwise wet and windy day.

Isn’t it cute? My other wrist looks just as cool. ๐Ÿ˜€


6 thoughts on “Creating and receiving

  1. I was just pondering wrist cuffs today to match the possum/merino yoga (Pilates in my case) socks I’m knitting. They’re purty with the buttons too. Love the skirt too.


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