I’m baaaaaaaaaaack

The red-headed devil child is getting freckles. They are very faint here and she wouldn’t let me take any photos after this one. Darn her and her almost three-year-old contrariness.

So, how was it without me? Truly boring coming to my blog and seeing ‘Absence’ at the top for almost a week? I’d have been bored too… I’ll bet it will take a fair bit of convincing to get people viewing here again.

Unfortunately this post isn’t going to inspire much loyalty as I’ve not been doing anything other than essays for aaaaaaaaaaages. Well, I did finish my dishcloth. Just a simple square with garter stitch edging. I’ll attempt something a bit more fun next time but with the variegated wool I wanted to see how the colours would turn out.

And here it is in action. Yes, actually in action… I wiped a whole section of the dining table. I couldn’t bring myself to actually wipe the bench with it though. The bench was gross. My pretty dishcloth should be reserved for much more glamorous tasks. Like ermmm… decorating our kitchen.

And here is the Devil Child at her finest. Just for those who can’t get enough.

Oh yeah, and I cast on the Cashmere Sweater from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight. But I used different ply wool so it might turn out a little wonky. And no, I’m not doing a tension square. I’m stubborn like that. Oh, and I read further along the pattern and it seems I don’t actually know how to do half the things that the pattern calls for…. ah well, surely I’ll be able to find a seasoned knitter to show me how to work it! Once I get to that part anyway… I move quite slowly.

On Wednesday I’ll be right back in the swing of things. The lovely Rhiannon sent me a cute little booklet showing how to make some soft toys, so I’m going to get onto that for the Devil Child asap. More about that later 😉



5 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaaaaack

  1. Heh. I love the scowl on that gorgeous little face. Love it. Every time I look at that child, it reminds me why I’m hanging in for one of my own. She’s fabulous. And, quite right, there can never be enough devil child pics! 🙂Go the dishcloth, but I was thinking you were rather brave wanting to actually use it. I’d have kept it looking pretty as well. Good for dusting! Oooo … when I do my renovations, can you make me a cloth for dusting? FLA-SH! You’re so going to love my curtains when I find them. I want a houseful of curtains like my pear ones (kitty pic on my blog). Wooppee!!Yay you for getting through that whole exam business. Worst time of any semester. Absolute worst. Unless you count picking all your papers based on the lecturers then finding out they had a reshuffle and you’re stuck with suck papers and suckier lecturers. Eek! You know, just as an example because I don’t know anyone actually silly enough to do that … no siree 😉


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