Storm of spending


I bought an awful lot of fabric today.

But it was preeeeetty.

And then I bought some patterns and cushions from the Sallies.

I spent heaps. Heaps that I don’t have.

Oh well, it was good exam study procrastination 😉

Spotlight remnant that will be made into summer pyjamas for the Devil Child

Dress patterns from Spotlight that may not ever get made! Well, I’d quite like the boat neck Mod Dress… maybe I make that a priority. Eeeek! Using a pattern!!! I’ve not done that since I was about 12… and had a whole lotta help from my mama.
The cutest little pattern for a series of kiddo tops from 1978, I think. 1978! Way cool!! I can’t wait to make the little v-neck one for Hanny kid.

And here are my lovely homely cushions. I think I’m in love with them and want to make my whole house into a warm and loving granny home. At 22 years of age, I am already acting an elderly woman.

I also made a pair of pirate shorts for a little man who I wish we could spend some more time with. I’ll let you know more when I hear if they are acceptable. They may not be as they are terribly sewn. Must invest in some decent sewing tuition!


4 thoughts on “Storm of spending

  1. Ooooo … I love the cherry/tomatoey/strawberry/red fruit/vege one! 🙂 Sometimes a storm of spending just has to happen. Every day is a new one – don’t spend anything today, and you’ve made everything all right with the world. Promise!Have I mentioned that I’m glad you’re back?


  2. Nice fabric! I also like the apple/tomato one. And the bright daisy one. That pattern from 1978 is fab too. You must have good op-shops nearby. We have a couple in Petone but I always seem to miss out on the good stuff.


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