Good day

Tea is good. It gets me up in the morning. It puts me to sleep at night. It has been a consistent part of my diet for many many years. I couldn’t get through the day without tea. Well, at least I couldn’t get through it very happily. It’s more about the ritual of tea making than anything else. Which reminds me…. I need a good tea pot.

Friends are good. R and Devil Child have one of those forced friendships bought on by their mothers’ need for the company of others. Niamh and I have that need. She keeps me sane. I probably drive her insane… but still, she hangs with me. She doesn’t clean up for me. I love that. Hannah and R love each other… and more recently, little cheeky L seems to be developing a fondness for Hannah. At the moment it involves driving trains over her head and wacking her whenever she gets the chance, but I can see a blossoming friendship through all the violence. Hannah is still in the delightful stage where she doesn’t give anyone younger than her the time of day, but she’ll get through that soon. Just in time for another bout of it. Argh.

Niamh’s backyard is good. The kiddos played in the paddling pool for hours. Then Niamh and I knitted for ages. And spoke French. French is good. It all began to fall apart off to lunch so we put them to bed. Sleep is good.

Oh, and super good stuff from last night. Tobin is super good. He decided he wanted to learn to knit so we could spend time together. (I’ve been neglecting him in favour of my knitting… hehehe) He wants to make a toy bunny. He is such a mixture. Heavy metal. Knitted bunny. Tattoos. Romance. Bogan t-shirts. Old man pyjama pants. hehehe A good mixture.


6 thoughts on “Good day

  1. OH hilarious – i tried to teach my boy to knit because he was being totally neglected while (whilst?) i knitted. It was so cute, albeit unsuccessful – he gave up after about an hour.


  2. That is very cool that he wants to learn! I don’t think I could teach my hubby to knit. He says that when I knit with double-points looking at it “makes his head hurt” trying to figure out what’s going on! I’m quite happy to be the crafty expert in our house as long as he continues to be the jar-opening expert and the lawn mower expert…


  3. That’s so cute that Tobin wants to knit too.. can’t imagine Sig knitting but maybe sewing? lol.. Ella has quite a few of those forced friendships too haha, in fact, pretty much all of her friends are for that reason!


  4. hehe- i agree- am excellent mixture in a man. he looks so sweet with his knitting needles and pyjama pants!when i was pregnant with arlo, tom knitted him a wee hat, but hasn’t tried any more knitting since. oh well.


  5. i know i am ridiculously late to this and should probably make a rather more intelligent comment than:i am tres jealous of you *speaking french*i speak only franglish….tres mal franglish X


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