Sunny introspect

Today has been deliciously sunny. The Devil Child has also been rather demanding. Dragging me outside so I could pose for a photograph for her. I was rather un-enthused until I realised that it’s exactly what I made her do, so I resolved to put a tad more effort in next time I am called for a photo shoot.

Hannah has had Gaz’s mate, “Dunky,” as her audience all day and dragged out every. single. outfit. from her dress up box to show him. As a result, house is a pig sty. Well, more of a pig sty.

Oh, this is one of Hannah’s many costume changes. It’s her lovely DandelioNZ sling with her teddy snuggled in. Apparently teddy was thirsty.

AND I did manage to get some creatin’ done today. Tobin bought me home a coat from the ‘lost n’ found’ at his work and I was going to refashion it for myself. It didn’t quite go the way I planned so I decided to make a little dress for Madam Hanny-pants. In my usual style, it is hastily and crappily sewn. But it doesn’t matter as she looks sort of cute. I had to bribe her to put it on though. Rats. I also haven’t hemmed it as I didn’t have any red cotton. My box of cotton has mysteriously disappeared and I have to wait until my sister returns from Uni before I can even begin to look for it. (If you’ve ever seen her side of the bedroom, you’ll know what I mean.)

And on the introspective side of things… I met a whole lot of my online friends from OhBaby yesterday and last night. I’ve known quite a few of these women from the hours after I decided to continue with the pregnancy and googled up a storm trying to find out what was meant to be happening with my body in the 16th week. OhBaby, and the ladies (and men) on it, have helped me through some pretty crazy times and have kept me sane through the years of studying and dealing with the Devil Child.

We had a great time at the lunch yesterday meeting all the lovely people who I have known through writing for so long but haven’t actually met. I was talking to one of them, Aimee, and said “I haven’t ever met half these people… oh hold on, I’ve never met you!” which just goes to show how well I feel I already know them. Han got her face painted and she looked gorgeous until she smeared it all over my jeans and neck. Brilliant.

Then last night I went out to dinner with the party animals of the group. It was a good night but I couldn’t help feeling a bit self-conscious this morning. Did I say anything absolutely ridiculous? (Well, actually… yes. Many things!) Did I talk too much about myself? (Hrmmm… stupid question. I always do.) Did I make too many bad jokes? (Errr… always.) Should I have asked more questions? Less questions? Did I meet their expectations? Or were my posts always lame? Arghhh. I hate insecurity! I spent all day thinking I should email each one and apologise for rabbiting on about myself so much (Sorry Andie and Fiona!!). I hope they don’t mind. I know Deb would tell me to harden up, so maybe I will.

Right. Off to start studying. I looked at the exam handout before and had a minor freak-out so promptly packed up my study and got out my sewing machine. Time to face the music. Or the study… whatever.


2 thoughts on “Sunny introspect

  1. You sooo need to scab a copy of the pic that someone (Becks?) put up on OB of Han with her face beautifully painted up with a butterfly … looking completely and incongruously (sp? no idea!) miserable. It’s hilarious.Also, just as a side thing – I showed the husband the scowly freckly blog photo of Hannah the other day and he studied the computer for a minute, looked at me, back at the computer and then said …“You COULD steal that kid, and no one would have a clue. You give me that exact same scowl all. The. Time.”Shortly thereafter he said “OOWWWW!!!”


  2. (Oh, and in case it’s a bit cryptic, he was meaning that apparently Han and I have the redhead scowl in common. Does she have a good ‘Feck, you’re an idiot’ look too?)


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