Gingerbread baking

Yesterday, in an attempt to occupy the Devil Child, we made gingerbread. It succeeded in its aim of occupying Devil Child, but not so much on the pretty gingerbread front. Oh well.

I think I will let the pictures do (most of) the talking.

Hrmmmm… much mess baking with a two year old??? Spot suspiciously Devil Child shaped finger holes in gingerbread dough. And what also looks like a mouthful of dough in Devil Child’s mouth. (Oo and all round her face!)
Hannah lovingly placing a deformed angel on the baking tray.

Our terribly misshapen lovely ginger bread shapes. Note dolphin with bent nose and strange looking animals. It was the first time I had used those particular cookie cutters and geepers creepers the shapes are obscure! I had no idea what they were… alpaca? camel? yak?? sheep?? who knows!? (bottom left, 2nd shape up)

Opened the oven to this. Feck. Forgot that we’d run out of flour 1/2 way through recipe so had to substitute self-raising flour. So twice the amount of rising agent. Biscuit shapes placed very close together. Now we have one giant gingerbread.

And in the post-oven treatment we see the particularly beautiful way our biscuits have turned out. Errrr. No prizes for presentation. Taste alright though. Would taste extra lovely with a whole pile of icing on top. Given that Han and I had eaten half the mixture by this stage, I didn’t think we needed excessive consumption of icing on top of that so left them plain. In all their hideousness glory.

The best part? Devil Child loves doing the dishes! Wouldn’t have it any other way πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Gingerbread baking

  1. hehe, this post made me laugh a lot. i can relate to nearly everything here- we make gingerbread regularly but only to pass the time- not actually eat it, luckily. excellent shot of hannah washing up- keep encouraging that!


  2. Cute! We made gingerbread men last week.. Ella is really into cutting the shapes now, so I just let her go for it – resulting in men with one arm, legs chopped off etc πŸ™‚ But she’s so proud when she gets to eat it!Love Hannah’s pinnafore – I’m a pinnafore addict (for Ella, not me!) And I spot Gaz in the last pic, hehe!


  3. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one having a baking-related oppsy over the weekend … I managed to explode idiot proof chocolate brownies over the bottom of my oven. No idea how. Luckily, chief in charge of cleaning ovens is le husband πŸ™‚


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