I’m pretty sure I promised that this blog was going to get a whole lot more interesting after I finished school. Alas I was terribly mistaken. It seems that few days off blogging to seriously get into school work was enough to break my blogging mojo.

In actual fact I think it’s just that enough time has lapsed that I can look back at my blogging days in their fuzzy glow and pretend that I was hilarious and interested. When REALLY I just threw in a nail report every now and again. Speaking of which, I’m sitting at a dismal 40% but now I have no essays to stress over, I have no excuse. Well… except that I also bite my nails when bored. Argh. There’s no hope for me!

Right. So anyway. Rambling over. I wanted to post a pic of the creature Tobin made from his knitting. It has a few holes… and he somehow went from about 12 stitches to about 25 stitches. Taught himself to increase it seems! hehe But isn’t he cute? Slightly alien like. We don’t have a name as yet, so if anyone can come up with a decent title we’d be very appreciative.

And tomorrow we get to have little baby cuddles (well, all things going to plan) so I’ll be back to post about that! Weeee! I can feel the cluckiness invading already.

P.S. I did finish school. Good and proper. For good. Well… providing I pass anyway. I should do. I think first class honours is a bit out of reach but that’s OK.


5 thoughts on “Mistaken

  1. I second ‘poos’, because really.. he erm.. looks like.. erm.. yeah.(Good job though Tobin, I suck at knitting so you’ll well ahead of me.)Congrat on getting all your study out of the way, m’dear. Must be a lovely feeling, but i’m sure it’ll take you awhile to get into a new routine etc etc.Man. I cannot wait to come to wellington. roll on actually having some stock so i can really get excited about the trip instead of wanting to cry everytime I think about me sitting at a little table with an empty clothing rail next to me. haha.


  2. Hrmmmm… poos. Well, you are quite right in pointing that out – thank you Martha and Rhiannon. Can always rely on that Harland lady to bring the tone down.I can’t believe I hadn’t made the association… maybe it’s because he’s larger than any conceivable poo size (well, atleast I hope so!!) I will broach it gently with Tobin.


  3. POOS! Come on guys! Need something original here. I have/Hannah has a sheep called Euclid after the famous Greek mathematician, so something similarly geeky would be great. Mayan deities, Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, 18th century Czech astronomers, anything exciting… -Tobin


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