Today I called into the little craft fair that is held at Berhampore school called Knack. It was small and lovely… we caught up with Helen who is making some fabulous stuff with some other clever crafty ladies from Paekakariki. I bagsed one of her bags and I *hope* she didn’t sell it… is that too evil? Anyway, fab bag and fab crafts. Ooo, and I overheard people commenting on Han’s dress. Very boosting to the ego… head could barely fit out door! Crafty people think this amateur crafter’s creations are cool!

I ended up buying 3 balls of handspun wool for $2 and some earrings made out of little stones from Red Rocks.
And then after all the crafty inspiration I came home and tried to sew some mamapads, which were an absolute disaster. Next time I will follow a pattern instead of trying to improvise.

I moved onto making my first kiddo hoodie. I used the retro pattern I found at the Sallies a few weeks ago and modified it to add a hood. It worked really well and I’ve been showing everyone who is silly enough to come within 50 metres of me. I think it’s the first piece I’ve sewn which has halfway decent sewing! All from following a pattern… they can’t be too terrible after all. I didn’t even screw up my improvised bit either! Yahoo.

Unfortunately the Devil Child wouldn’t model it…. until I broke out the chocolate anyway. So apologies for the chocolate fueled hyper modeling shot!


4 thoughts on “Knackered

  1. I went too! Although for some reason I only took $1, so the boys got a cupcake, and I got nought. I LOVED the bag hanging at the front of the Pakak stall, it was luverly. And there were lots of people selling yummy food…Your daughter is so beautiful. Please give her to me. Kthnxbai.


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