Short notice birthday

Hannah’s birthday is on Wednesday. We are just having a small BBQ on Tuesday night to celebrate her third birthday as I can’t deal with the stress of a full on party.

BUT… she wants a fairy cake. A FAIRY CAKE! Argh. You can take the girl out of the pink, but you can’t take the pink out of the girl.

And how the heck am I supposed to make a fairy cake? I could cheat and just shove a fairy barbie in the top of an iced dome but I don’t want to start a barbie obsession while I’m at it. (Well actually, barbies aren’t so bad at all… Bratz, however. I don’t think so.) And I cheated last year and just piled a whole lot of sprinkles over a very boring cake. I want to do something fun! (But easy!) Anyone got any ideas?


4 thoughts on “Short notice birthday

  1. tell her you found the cake in the garden and that the fairies left it there for her. ๐Ÿ™‚ decorating it with sprinkles and flowers, leaves, and possibly little fake birds and or butterflies from the 2 dollar shop. also she could leave some treats for the fairies in the garden at night aka leave them a fairy party. and you guys could make fairy wings for her out of an old wire hangers, some old tights and glitter paint.this all sounds rather ambitious but hopefully there is one good idea in there ๐Ÿ™‚-kimberleehappy birthday to her!


  2. ohgosh i love kimberlee’s ideas, i was just gonna echo your suggestion for a *fairy barbie* cake.lucky for me, Mnearly6 (on Hannah’s birthday, yippee zippee) just wants a huge chocolate cake with loads of smarties on it, i should really go and make it… X


  3. Ah, see I pawned the child off on creche today after energy burning party last night. She is tired and grumpy and still coming down from her sugar high. *muhahahaha* and tonight I am running away to the Crowded House concert! heheAnd I don’t know Antipo in real life but she’s faaaab. I would love to meet her and BE her! Can only hope I’m even 1/2 that sexy in 10 years!Say Happy birthday to M6!


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