Expanding wardrobe

So after I made the hoodie I was still in sewing mode so made these pyjamas. They were SOOOO quick. The top looks like crap but the pants are cool. I enforced my wide-leg, uber-long, favourite style of pants on her and she looks so cute in them! Unfortunately she wouldn’t pose for a photo so all I could get was her riding maniacally toward me on the bike.

Tomorrow I am in party planning mode! Thanks for all suggestions about cake – I even had a phone call from a ‘Party Planner Extraordinaire’ (who I almost invited over to do the whole damn thing for me… but she’s just had a baby so I thought I’d better not be so cheeky) so will attempt to meld all ideas into one and create a faaaabulous fairy cake for my little fairy girl. Have I mentioned that she wears her fairy dress EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? Luckily she realises that it is not a general public outfit (maybe helped along by mention of it getting ripped if we leave the house in it) so she hasn’t attempted to wear it to creche yet. I think it is only a matter of time.

P.S. Preliminary grade back for Civil Society essay… A+… Yaaaaay! Pity the exam will bring that mark down to about a B for the whole paper. hehe. Ah well.


4 thoughts on “Expanding wardrobe

  1. WOW!!!!! Previous posts I Love the hoodie, the homespun, Amy Butler, and now the very cute pyjamies. Congrats on the study marks too I really admire mums who can study and raise kids at the same time. I’ve been trying for years just to finish my playcentre training. Perhaps an A+ would have spurred me on a bit. Love that the devil child won’t pose. You know I’ve got a red headed ratbag too, he won’t try on skirts for me to get the elastic or length right. How does he know at 2 that boys don’t model skirts for their Mums?


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