The birthday post to end all birthday posts

Right, before we start. A few things to mention: Firstly, this post will be overloaded with photos. If you have dial-up then abort the mission! Abort! Abort! Lest you be here for days while your slow ass connection downloads the squillions of pics I have posted. If you have broadband with a small bandwidth then again, abort! abort! It will eat it all. Welllll… I lie a bit. I did substantially resize the pics so each is about 100k. You should be alright. And secondly, this post is very much all about the kid and her birthday and the fact that I think she’s sorta neat. If you hate children or harbour a deep hatred toward all things ginger, then run! Run for your life!

Now that is out of the way, let the photo commentary begin! I’ll start with the cake, because the night was fairly tame before that. I was stressing… the kids were destroying Hannah’s room… the usual. I forgot to get any pics of the cake but given that it was so shoddily decorated, I figure the half butchered shot we got is very appropriate.

So my little munchkin is now three. Here she is blowing out copious amounts of slobber onto the cake. We seriously should have had a candle blowing session before we did it for real in order to get this mouth wind business sorted. I’m pretty sure she had it down last year but apparently she decided to opt for the ‘douse-the-candles-with-saliva’ technique. Effective… yet slightly unhygienic and a little soggy for the rest of us.

The cake was a bit of a disaster. I decided to go for something simple and just draw a fairy on the cake with chocolate. Turns out that wasn’t simple at all. I re-did her face about 600 times and she ended up looking a just a tad wrong but that’s alright… it tasted halfway alright.

This pic is I think the second time she stripped off. She asked me oh so sweetly if she could wear her party dress, which I was fine with (btw, party dress = fairy dress. I almost thought she was going to come out in something appropriate… turns out I was wrong. But ah well.) She got a cute pair of pyjamas from Kat, Sig and Ella, so that accounted for the first strip. I think the second strip came after she decided to put her fairy dress on. (Possibly… there were a few more after that so it all becomes a naked blur).

Anywayyyy, this is my friend Jed and Hannypants having a cuddle. Jed is my matey from my Dunedin days. We were both Cumbie Hall kiddos. His beeeautiful girlfriend Lolly was supposed to come too but had a bad day at work so didn’t want to spoil the fun. Given that she works at a certain Ministry not known for its fun times, I’m not entirely suprised. We missed her though!

This section of the night was when Hannah got a bit pose-happy for the camera (someone had managed to convince her to put some clothes on – note that pants are on backwards). Cuddles for all and a super spunky shot up against the wall. That photo is most definitely coming out at her 21st. *muhahahaha*
And thennn the kiddos went a bit nuts while waiting for Han’s pressie from Gaz to be organised. The boys took it out to the garage to blow it up with the air compressor as the combined force of all our lungs wouldn’t have been enough to inflate this beast! The kids hunted them down to hurry them all up.
And they all piled in and jumped all over each other. All arms, legs, eyes, and ears remained intact as far as I could tell.
And the party turned out quite fine I do believe! There were so many more people I wanted to invite, but it was all pretty short notice and I couldn’t feed them all! Most of these people are Gazzy’s mates who came around to join in, Han has adopted them as her new favourite people, especially Dunky and Belly (Annabelle) so it was awesome to drag them around to join in the toddly fun.

So success. Another year down. Only 15 more to go.

Oh yeah, and Han’s Barbie collection has multiplied 200% in the last 2 days. I think, despite my best efforts to counter this, that my daughter is a serious girlie girl.

P.S. Crowded House was fun but late, I fell asleep during the concert! Supergroove rocked my world and were on at a much more reasonable hour. Anddd we missed Pluto on account of me being late and the parking building being very very full. Rats.


5 thoughts on “The birthday post to end all birthday posts

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww look at Hannah growing up! She is the styliest 3 year old I know! And the fairy cake looked great nikster!Its fun looking at ur blog while at work and seeing the mini nikster grow up, shes neato xx


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