Little brown riding hood

So… I made another little hoodie today from yummy soft cotton velour (not J-Lo at all damnit!!). I have spent all the money I possess on fabric and need to re-coup some costs. I hope like heck I come up with something worth selling!

The cuffs on the sleeve are slightly different lengths and the hood is a tad small (on my big headed child!) but then it is a size 2 year old, so it’s hard to judge on the (newly) 3 year old. Maybe I sell it as a second… even though its my first! Rats.

I’m planning to make some more boyish sleeveless hoodies next. A bit more fitting for the coming warm weather!


4 thoughts on “Little brown riding hood

  1. that is adorable…love the hoodie lining.of course i waited about five million hours for the Birthday Photos to load yesterday, no hope (freakin dinosaur pooter)… *love* the sound of your celebrations! X


  2. hey if you’re thinking of selling some of your goodies – aro street market is fab. We’ve done it twice now and it’s great fun, and only $20 if you need a table, $10 without. And if you don’t have heaps of handmade stuff to vend then it’s really good for a mini garage sale type stall too. Email Alice – arostreetmarket (at) gmail (dot) com – it’s on the first saturday each month so the next one is on the 1st of dec. ๐Ÿ™‚


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