Resurrection of the pants kind

I was tidying up my clothes today… yes… I know… big feat for the messiest kid in the world… and I came across my old most favouritest pants in the whole entire big wide world. I’d retired them after wrenching of the button from trying to use them as maternity pants for my ever expanding belly and then the hole that appeared on my butt from wearing them every single day. (Oh yeah, and the other hole that meant that I had to be careful where I sat down and the placement of my legs. haha)

Anyway, I dragged them out and decided to patch them up to get more and more and more and more wear out of them. And I did! I patched! I resurrected! My favourite pants are back in action, just in time for summer. I’m so proud. So I totally encourage everyone to go resurrect something that is sitting in the back of your wardrobe… it feels so good!!

Please excuse that it’s a photo of my butt! hehe

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