Pins and needles

Most unimpressed with my formerly-favourite-very-expensive-rosewood knitting needles. They snapped on me after I had been using them for 2 days! Two days!!!!

I took them back to Knit World today and was very embarrassed walking in there seeing as last time I went in (to purchase the rosewood needles) was because I had snapped a bamboo pair by carrying around my knitting in my handbag and forgetting about said knitting and very probably sitting on my handbag at some stage. So to take another broken pair back and claim that it wasn’t my fault might have been quite suspicious. Luckily the lady said that those particular needles had been quite problematic in that regard… even though she had recommended them to me knowing full well that I’m a bit slack with my needle care! Ah well, she believed me and was very happy to refund me and is ordering in some plastic ones. Here’s hoping I can’t snap those!

Just in time to finish off the little tiny baby jersey for Jamara Jnr. Yay!

4 thoughts on “Pins and needles

  1. I’m afraid I’m a fan of metal ones I find in second hand stores. I have practically every size ever created. I love the old pinks and green metal ones especially. I have yet to try the bamboo ones simply because I still love the oldies so much. Must get out more.By the way, have decided on Fuzzibunz or the Honey Child version. My sister is getting me some as a baby shower gift. Wish I could get excited about something that’s just going to get pooed on…!


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