Bending the rules too far

So… there was a lot of tea drinking and book perusing today. It’s pretty. And the projects are so cute! There are many that I can’t wait to try… and it explains heeeeaps on techniques that I have otherwise been fudging for the last few months. BUT it scares me in that it shows me everything that I have been doing horribly wrong and advises me to do it all right.

Ah well… I’m sure that’s something I’ll get over!


4 thoughts on “Bending the rules too far

  1. ComPLETELY off the topic, but thank goodness for your blog …As I was having a bit of a general freak out over IVF suddenly being just around the corner, I come here, look at those devily piccies (including the slobbering on the cake one) and feel much calmer. I really want my own devily.


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