Paper bags and fabric

ARGH. I wrote this post yesterday but the internet kindly packed up on me, losing my post. Oh well…. take two!

So… I received my fabric from yesterday and immediately set to work to create this toilet bag, modelled on a paper bag with velcro fastening. It’s for a friend and I hope she doesn’t mind me posting it here before she gets it!

I used PUL to line the bag for the waterproof factor (shampoo leaking throughout travel bag is seriously unwanted!) and then used Amy Butler fabric on the outside. I think if I made it again I’d work out a way to make it a bit stiffer, as at present it’s a bit floppy… but then I suppose you need the floppiness to fold over the top – oh the dilemma! Anyway, it’s large enough to fit my shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, body wash, tooth brush, tooth paste and with lots of room to spare.

I sort of managed to photograph a tutorial as I went. When I say sorta, I mean I took too many photos of some parts and then forgot photos of the rest. haha Thoroughly informative. I needed something else to put in my little amateur tutorial section on my sidebar… the wool dyeing tute is getting a little lonely. So that is tomorrow’s job!

And here are pics of the fabric I bought… worked out about 1/2 the price to get it shipped from the US as paying in NZ so I am very happy. Although I’m not sure about the choices I made. So much other fabric that I wanted!

This is the Amy Butler stuff. It is a LOT brighter in real life… which sort of scared me as I am very much an earthy tones girl and believe fluorescent yellow firmly remains in the 1990s. It’s growing on me though… and I love the wall paper look.

While I was shopping I couldn’t resist grabbing this Bird Seed print by Alexander Henry. So cute! But a whoooole lot more yellow than I thought it would be. I assumed that the background would be bright white, but it turns out I was very wrong and it’s a yellow colour. But that’s cool… I’ll figure out some use for it!

And I also couldn’t stop myself from putting this gorgy Damask print in my shopping basket too. It’s my favourite of the bunch and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it! (Nor anything to team it with!)

So if you suffer from a fabric buying addiction like myself then stay right away from – it is impossible to leave without buying something! (or somethings!)


10 thoughts on “Paper bags and fabric

  1. I want it! I want it! I want it NOW!!! I looooooooveeeeee it!!(It IS for me, isn’t it? That’d be embarrassing …)Wicked, wicked cool!*Dances around in happy circles*🙂 🙂 🙂Happy Friday to meeeeeeeee!!!!!! (also, floppy is good – it means you can squish it into luggage and lining or whatever makes it stiff doesn’t break down over time)


  2. Correcto – it is pour toi!I’ll get it off in the post today then so you’ll have it early next week. 🙂 (There may be something else already on its way to you)xoxVery glad you like it… I was soo worried about the fabric choice but I just HAD to get shopping lest I internally combust. You know the feeling 😉


  3. Hell, I nearly ordered fabric and I’d have no idea what to do with it, such is the temptation …AND, I’m going away next weekend (in theory, if my niece and nephew show themselves in a form other than an almighty bump!) so I’ll have flash toilet baggie to take …WOOP! WOOP!And definitely know the shopping feeling … although due to the rather horrific state of my Visa, and the possibly finite term of second income from moi come next year, I’m having to stop living the high life. I’ve told DH that no matter HOW I beg, he is not to let me convince him that I desperately need a new skirt. AlTHOUGH looking at that last fabric swatch …No. No no no no NO. Must not.


  4. Ooooh, pretty. Have you tried for fabric? Seriously addictive. I have a whole closet full of fabric just waiting to be made into pretty things… I might get to some sewing if I can make myself get off the computer! 🙂


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