New things

Oooo I forgot to post about a few things from Hanny pants birthday – Jacinta who blogs at Jacinta Speaks and sells her gorgeous jewelery creations at Chook Mook made up a little bracelet for the kiddo as I realised that she doesn’t have any ‘special’ jewelery and I have tonnes from when I was a little one and love, love, love, looking at the little pieces and thinking how special they are.

Hannah’s bracelet is made from fresh water pearls and a little silver plate with her name on. It’s so lovely and she has decided she is a princess when she wears it.

And I just received a bag in the post from the gorgeous Helen. I bagsed it (oh yes, I’m all pun-like this morn) when I was at Knack, the little craft fair at Berhampore School, and luckily for me a lady who was interested in it must have been distracted as I was able to purchase it post-fair. Thanks Helen!

Andddd I needed to say thank you to my lovely daddio, for helping out with the Devil Child’s birthday party… I couldn’t have done it without him! (I’m crap on the BBQ 😛 ) I hope to see ya soon Dad!


3 thoughts on “New things

  1. wow what special items!I LOvE that little bracelet, and look at that tiny soft wrist. cute!that bag is bright and fun, I love the wooden handles. glad you were able to ‘bag it up’ (see its hard to resist the pun)-kimberlee


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