Tiny baby thoughts

I finally finished the little baby jersey I knitted for Louie kid, who was a newborn when I started and is now a month old. Oops. I added a few rows here and there so hopefully it’ll still fit him!

It’s got quite a few mistakes and I almost cried when I realised the seaming wasn’t going to fit together. Then I danced a happy dance when I realised that the seams were going to match as there were in fact the right number of stitches in the arms.

So, my first baby jersey from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits for Cherished Babies.

I REALLY need to learn how to take pretty pictures of the things I make! Oh well, practice makes perfect


5 thoughts on “Tiny baby thoughts

  1. Wow Nikki! That looks awesome, and the toilet bag too! You’re so clever! And a few more !!!!’s just to emphasise how genuinely impressed I am.


  2. wow this is really special. you are making such nice things these days (post exam time does you well:)I always struggle with taking good shots. usually my DH comes home and does them for me. I am going to post some of the bag I made (for you) today. so stay tuned:)_kimberlee


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