Zoo trip

Look how clever the Devil Child is getting! She has been fighting at her friends’ houses for years (well, one yearish if I’m being truthful) over who gets to play with the Magnadoodle. Now she has one of her own! Our next-door neighbour brought over a late birthday pressie for the lucky Devily and she has been most interested in it since yesterday. I think Tobin must have showed her how to use the shapes to make girls (Oh, the gender stereotypes!) and she has been drawing them ever since. This is a drawing of me, Hannah, and Jute (not bad grammar but the order I *think* we are in). Note the placement of the mouth… I think we have some anatomy lessons coming on. Very cute though.

In other news, my friend Ngaio was up from Dunedin for a few days and we got to play with her on Friday evening (sober for once) and then again on Sunday (exceptionally hungover) so we dragged her around the zoo.

Now, I’m no animal rights activist (*ahem* Rhiannon) but I still find it quite sad seeing all the animals hanging out in their enclosures. Seems a bit wrong that they are so far out of their natural environments. Hannah had a great time though so I tried not to feel too guilty. And then what do I do? Go and splash the pics around the InterWeb. I hope you’ll understand 😉

The zoo is undergoing a few renovations and everything is being shifted around so the Zebras were no where to be found and the Giraffes were in their new enclosure which wasn’t completely finished so we didn’t get to see much of them. The Lions were all hanging out of sight and the Tiger was decidedly annoyed at life.

The Chimps however, saved the day. Being generally hilarious and the teeny tiny baby chimp was gorgeous… and its mother super clever, catching all sorts of fruit while the little chimp clung on to her belly. The original attachment parenting model huh? – You can just see the baby in her arms.
The Malayan Sun Bears were also pretty cool but seemed a bit sad.

This little creature, a Cotton Topped Tamarin, was pretty cool too. Quick and small. Very cute.

Anyway, apart from all the living in captivity business – how funny are these signs??

There were a whole series of them. The one by the Chimps had a very sheepish looking child, who had just thrown stuff into the Chimp enclosure, being told off by a zoo staff member. hehe. I suppose I shouldn’t laugh… but so funny.

And more for the fabric addiction. I seem to have a little obsession with apples at the moment. In fairness, I am running out of the red apple fabric that I bought and I want to make more bias binding so I bought this (much cheaper!) stuff instead.

5 thoughts on “Zoo trip

  1. That apple fabric looks very yummy. How do you make your binding? I’ve never made my own before but I’m inspired by the easy (or so they seem) instructions in Amy Karol’s book. Might need to get me one of those binding maker thingys.


  2. Helen – Just from good old Spotlight. It’s a really small print, the apples are tiny. But cute.Louise – I make my binding by cutting a very crooked strip and then just ironing it into place (swearing lots along the way)… I had no idea about this cutting on the bias business. I’ll try the proper way next time! haha – oh yeah, and I want one of those bias tape tools too!


  3. oh I love that sign, in a post modern kinda a way (which is to say, I smirk at that sign because I am enjoying it in an ironic, double aware way.) ever seen fight club? they replace all of the safety cards in an airplane with a modified version of what people would really do in case of an emergency (pictures of people screaming and running while on fire etc)I have that apple fabric… oh spotlight, you homogenizer, you. its great though.🙂-kimberlee


  4. I know the woman who made those signs, she was in the creative incubator with Sig. We used to have a sign in our toilet about how to use it – and how to scrub the toilet bowl if you needed to, lol.


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