Whinge Alert

So I sort of got a job. And I should be happy about it. But there are a few things that aren’t great about this job so I feel the need to have a great big whinge. Apologies in advance.

1) The job is a short-term casual thing – it’s re-writing a procedures manual for a big catering business and goes to January/February-ish

2) It’s re-writing a procedures manual. Bleugh.

3) I feel a bit pressured into it as there is a hint of nepotism. Well, sort of. Anyway, obligation is there.

4) I need a holiday!

5) It’s crap money.

6) There were a whole lot more crappy things about it that were sort of imagined (hrmmm… as if none of the others are! ha!) but I managed to minimise the effects by booking a few more creche hours and talking to my lovely case managery type lady.

Right. That’s all I’ve got. Just needed to get it all out. Basically it just annoys me that it’s a short term thing. I want a permanent job. Or no job so I can do crafty stuff.

Soooo… now I need to make a positives list.

1) It’s a job. Good on CV. Good for contacts.

2) Possibly more money than I currently get… but I doubt it.

3) It’s short term.

4) I can work from home.

5) Flexible boss lady.

6) I get a holiday next week – we are off to Nelson. Childless!

I need to go and do a whole bunch of positive affirmations and be grateful that I was able to get a job at all!!


3 thoughts on “Whinge Alert

  1. <> I want… no job so I can do crafty stuff.<>*woot woot*me too.well, i guess i have… bwahahahahahahabut it’s getting late and i’ve just %^&*$# up a bracelet, i should’ve gone to bed hours ago… (yeah, it’s twenty to ten, what kind of life is this???)congrat’s on the job that’s gonna earn ya a dollar fifty, and who knows, maybe something else will *fall down outta the sky* one day soon X


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