Round in circles

So, started some more knitting last night on CIRCULARS! OK, so I know for most of you that isn’t so super exciting, but it was my first time and after my first round I was all “Oh, this is sorta alright” as it was a bit hard trying to stretch it allll the way around when I was knitting such teeny longies… but after a couple of rounds – I’m loooooving in the circulars! I don’t have to worry about seams not meeting up! I just knit and knit and knit and knit and voila! Done.

I even attempted an elasticated waistband and it worked! And looks good! No mean feat if you have seen my knitting to date.

In other news, I almost got embroiled in the hikoi at Parliament today. As I was walking to work I noticed that there were an awful lot more gates up in front of the buildings and there seemed to be more security guards than the other day… though I’ve not paid much attention so I dismissed it. Then when I went to leave there were a whole pile of security guards and lots of not too happy Tuhoe folk and their supporters. Lots of Maori flags and cars blocking the road. I considered stay around to watch/passively support the protest against the Anti-Terrorism legislation. It would have been really freaky watching the haka but I left, a little bit ashamed of being Pakeha.


One thought on “Round in circles

  1. circulars are great!its more meditative and relaxing. I love them. they also help disguise (my) crap knitting.democracy in action day. I am glad that there is so much awareness around this issue. things can get pretty scary in the ‘war on terrorism’ especially when we don’t know how to define such a thing-kimberlee


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