Hoodie Mania

Well, actually I’m not convinced it qualifies as hoodie mania but I did sew two today. Oh, and two pairs of pants but didn’t manage to get photos so we’ll possibly show those another day… or not… they looked like crap.

The first one is for the gorgeous-o Kimberlee so that she can send it all the way to the US for her toddly niece and then the next one is for the Devil Child, but I have two more to sew up for my stash to sell (when I get around to it!)

And admittedly, the child doesn’t look too pleased to be conned into a photo shoot… but reeeeeally she’s scheming as it cost me two bowls of freaking ice cream to get her to wear the clothes so I could take photos (one for afternoon tea! haha)… she’s working out what she can get the next time I am after a model. Evil I tell ya.

And just to let you know (Well, to let my one reader know… hi Dad!) that we are heading to Nelson next week for a child free holiday so I will be absent from the blogosphere.

Catch ya when we get back. I feel a holiday pic post coming on already.


4 thoughts on “Hoodie Mania

  1. lovely hoodies! i really like the pixie-style hood. and miss hannah is the perfect model.i’m sorry i didn’t see this before- have you already been in nelson? hope you had fun!


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