The blogger returns

Welllll I’m back. We did Nelson. We did Rotorua. In the first destination we did nothing…. ahhhhh sweet nothing. In the second destination we did my sister’s 21st. Her Royal Highness, Juliet Katherine had the party of all parties and downed 21 shots and then did half a yard glass. (Gareth did the rest… none of us thought it wise that she drank the whole thing after already completing her 21 shots) I worry about that kid.

Anyway, sunny and drunken photos to come.


2 thoughts on “The blogger returns

  1. Twenty …one … shots …*$%#^@ !!That’s a LOT of shots.Were they little?I feel so inaqequate. I went to a Prenzel party on Thursday night, and thought 6 little shots was a bit rough.I am such a nana.


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