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I should have mentioned in the last post that I shouldn’t really be promoting binge drinking like that. I disapprove. Thoroughly. Geez, am I really 22???

Right, back to the task at hand. So first we went to Nelson and we were having a great relaxing time without the kiddo and with nothing much to do except be tourists. We had a cute little 1970s unit out at Tahuna Beach and managed to figure out the public transport and made regular trips into town to check out the op shops (got some self cover buttons for 50c! Yay!) and walk up to the Centre of NZ (without a water bottle in the sweltering sunshine – not one of our brightest moments) as well as take photos around the Nelson Cathedral and eat out at looovely places. My favourite was Stingray Cafe on Church St: eco-friendly, friendly, and super yum.

We hung out at Tahuna Beach a bit and worked on our tans… well, slathered ourselves in sunblock actually. Fat lot of good it did. Luckily I didn’t get burnt much… I have a phobia about skin cancer after watching 20/20 or some such show. And my Granny has just had to have a few operations to remove melanoma-ish things from her face. Scary scary.

And we also went to Nature Land where Tobin got what every Kiwi kiddo should experience – feeding lambs. He asked for a lamb for his birthday. I would happily indulge but I’m not sure we have enough grass where we are. We decided instead that we might go and stay with Daddio in Christchurch and start up our own petting zoo. He needn’t even know!

And so then we drove all the way up to Rotorua and were involved in a little partying for the Jutey kid’s 21st birthday. It was heaps of fun seeing all the rellies and Tobin got a healthy dose of family all at once. Poor guy.

Apologies for the cheesiness… we just can’t do it any other way. And Robbie’s mate Mitch felt the need to jump in on the pic. His little mates managed to totally take advantage of the 21st’ offerings while poor Rob was sick in bed with a migraine (and a very broken arm… but that’s another story). Anyway, quite proud of young Mitchel sporting get-up from his Granddad. Complete with retro socks! hehe

And after that pic, it rapidly turned to this kind of thing with Jute throwing herself all over me and asking “Do ya wanna smell my spew breath?” and not giving me much of a right of reply. Oh yeah, she’s deeeelightful. Yuck.

I went to town for a little bit (compulsary time spending with my cousins – who were hilarious! I can’t post the pics from that as Kath will eat me alive) and came back and Jute was still going. She suprised the heck outta me! Definitely not something in the genes as I have been known to drink a glass of wine and go to sleep.

But all in all…. a great week. And work today was pretty cool too… free food! Oh the perks.

Oh yeah, and to finish off – here is one of Hannah’s latest masterpieces. They are looking more human by the day!


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