Delight of the Turkish kind

I have a serious Turkish delight craving. Must be rose flavour. I ate $8 worth of it while we were in Nelson in one sitting.

I must hunt down a recipe and learn to make this myself… I’d save myself a fortune.


2 thoughts on “Delight of the Turkish kind

  1. ohgosh, i was in a gorgeous little italian shop today, buying coriander seeds and cumin seeds to make dukkah… a-n-d….. i had a little <>très français<> moment:the shop-chick walked up to me and woozie and offered us some rose turkish delight and some cystallised citrus compote.(moins le circumflex, babelfish is being such an idiot)it tasted just like the stuff my mummy used to make from discarded orange rind when i was a girlie.serious flashback.didn’t taste the rose turkish delight though… thinking i *have* to go back to the shop first thing on monday for something i “forgot”… X


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