Teeny tiny

Longies for a teeny tiny baby still being cooked. I may try and make a fitted nappy to go with these but as I am very good at overcommitting myself I will see how these go and perhaps just send them off as is. But sheesh little baby stuff is quick to knit. I may become a preemie knitter yet! That’d be even faster.

They are made from the Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants pattern in size small with an elasticated waist and picot edge hems, in Watermelon from the Wool Company (for those who care!)… the kitchener stitch was a little dodgy, as were the joins where I started with the double pointed needles (of death) but all in all, loved the learning curve it sent me on! And hopefully the babe will fit them just as it starts to get a bit colder next year. If all else fails, I’m sure the mama knows plenty of other babes around the place that might be a better fit!

And man I hate taking photos in the evening! Bad light. But that’s all I’ve got these days being a busy working woman and all. I am taking the Devil Child into work with me tomorrow as I’ve got some hours to catch up on. Might be the worst idea I’ve ever had… we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Teeny tiny

  1. Catching up… nice trip pics, cute pants…congrats? on the job (you seemed a bit unsure if it was good or not!)I missed the birthday??? How??? Happy Birthday Hannah (late)!!


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