Alright, so my child is now toilet trained. I can’t even claim that she may regress as she is physically and mentally ready to be a full on toilet kid and has been for some time now. I’ve been ‘lifting’ her at night for quite a while as I just don’t quite trust that she can go the whole night without wetting the bed. Turns out my Mum is much more lazy confident than me as when the Devil Child was staying with her in Rotorua, Mum couldn’t be arsed decided that Hannah didn’t need lifting. Turns out she was right! Hallelujah!

But… that means that I truly have to leave my cloth nappy obsession behind… well, atleast in regards to Hannah. In actual fact, it just means that I get to start making them to pressure encourage other people to use them!

This is my first very crappy attempt at a modern cloth nappy using the Wee Weka pattern from the Nappy Network and the great photo tutorial that is on the DIY page. I used black PUL and baby blue microfleece from Greenbeans. And it works! Well… I think it does. I took it round to Niamh’s and tried it on the little model that Niamh so generously created for me. She’s 18 months but she still fit the pocket (just). Excellent. I decided the sewing was so bad that I could only pawn it off on Niamh… the next one will hopefully be giftable otherwise the little model is going to end up with a whoooole huge pile of half-arsed sewn naps.


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