Sew Sunday

I sewed a bunch today. Well, it seemed like I did! Turns out I only made a cutey little zip purse from Bend the Rules and sewed up a Smocket for my little chick from the super cute pattern from MayFly. It took forever. But that was because I chose terrible fabric for the backing so this smocket isn’t reversible… or you’d see lumps and bumps and ill fitting fabric. Oops. Turns out when the Mayfly says “Don’t choose fabric that is too heavy” she also means “Don’t choose fabric that is too light”. I have a lot of learning to do. Oh, and I also attempted to sew on the bias binding on the pocket the “correct” way. Never again. It’s incredibly difficult to get a consistent zig zag going on and takes FOREVER. I’ll stick with my quick and easy way, thank-you-very-much. So apart from the sewing looking like crap, it still turned out pretty darn cute. And I’m in love with the fabric. Yum.

AND I must say a huge thank you to Kimberlee for my gorgeous bag. I received it just before I left for Nelson so didn’t get the chance to post a pic and tell her how lovely her package was wrapped and how stunning her card is… must buy a pack! Kimberlee – your package is on its way finally…

Anyway, I took a photo of the bag down by my feet as when I was looking down it looked very cool. Turns out when you take a photo from above it just makes you look like you have legs to rival Ma’a Nonu‘s. I don’t think I do. Well, not at the moment anyway. His are probably much less hairy. The bag, though this picture doesn’t do it justice, is perfect for me. I love the fact that it has just one handle. I have almost ripped the handle from my other favourite handbag off by digging around in it while I have both the handles on my shoulder. Apparently the fabric is not built to withstand my rummaging. This one will stand up to my lost-key-itis just fine!

And so I leave you with this picture of the Devil Child engrossed in her latest imaginative play… a little morbid but very relevant to our accident prone household! Jute has just gotten over a broken collarbone… Gaz still has his wrist in plaster… and my little brother Robbie has a seriously broken arm by his elbow. Ouch. So Hannah is now sporting various broken bones. First it was this broken arm then moved onto broken legs. Quite convenient when you don’t want to take your breakfast plate to the kitchen. Argh. Gotta love the inner workings of a three year old’s mind though!


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