The annual day of my birth

I don’t remember being this unenthused about my birthday last year? Perhaps 23 is the year you step into the time where birthdays are unimportant?

I may be back to post something later but anyway, this is the zip purse I made yesterday and finished off this morning. I seem to be going through a bit of a fruit phase in my fabric taste. Atleast I have temporarily moved away from floral!

It’s the zip purse from Bend the Rules. Easy, relatively quick, and great instructions for the uninitiated in zip sewing! I have a million to make for Christmas pressies so I’d better get going with them.


8 thoughts on “The annual day of my birth

  1. Happy birthday lovely! I personally think 23 is far too early to be giving up on your birthday! Even if you don’t have a birthday event or anything, you should be treated like a Queen by all around you …


  2. Happy Birthday! It was mine (24) last Thursday, and I so felt the same way, I was all, “meh”. Aaaanyway, I’m sending your knitting books today so that can count as a late Bday pressie!


  3. Happy birthday to you!Happy birthday to you!HAAAPPPPPYYYY BIIIIRRRTTTTHHHDAAAY to YYOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHappy birthday to you!(Did your ears fall off during that?)I know what you mean about the whole birthday thing – I think it’s because kids birthdays become so much cooler … although, having said that, there aint nothing wrong with copious quantities of presents!


  4. happy birthday! mine was on sat…big old 24. so much build up and then it’s like…oh. is that it?i have that fabric! isn’t it gogrgeous! haven’t made anything with it yet…


  5. Happy Birthday! I’m a bit “meh” on the whole birthday thing too… though pressies are always nice! Am dreading next year’s birthday though – the big three-oh. Arrrgh.The zipped purse is lovely. Love that apple fabric. I’m also making zipped purses for xmas presents. At least I was, until my machine decided to stop doing zigzag last night. Sigh.


  6. Happy Birthday, you spring chicken you. I’m afraid it’s all over once you produce offspring. You’ll have to bust out a wedding or something exciting to overcome the “meh” factor now;-)


  7. Happy birthday! You have a couple years yet to get excited about your birthday.It’s not until the one after you find a gray hair that you start to be unimpressed by it all.


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