Annual day of my birth – part II

My day improved dramatically from the last ‘poor me’ post. I got to work and had a whinge to Pia (my librarian) about how it didn’t feel like my birthday and guilted her in to going to buy me a beautiful little bunch of flowers and a voucher for a beading shop. (Felt terrible about that but it cheered me up immensely!) She also wrote the loveliest little card about how we are best library buddies. Which we are. Totally. (She’s responsible for me saying “totally” every 5 minutes. Argh.)

Then I went to pick up the Devil Child, who had conveniently just woken up from her sleep when I walked through the door. [Which may have been the result of me peeking in the sleep room and a child spying me and sitting bolt upright and exclaiming “That’s Hannah’s mum!” Oops. In my defense, it isn’t usually a sleep room.] Usually I have to drag the kid kicking and screaming from creche as she doesn’t want to go home. This time I had leverage though so we were straight out of there to go and see Niamh and R and L.

I arrived at Niamh’s house and opened the door to lots of people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Yay! For meeeee! A couple of Niamh’s friends (and by default, also my favourite people) were around and so we got to have a little tea party with cupcakes (baked for meeee!) and gossip about the young and single one’s latest lesbian affair. Very exciting and the ultimate coolest tea party. Cupcakes and lesbians – made my day.

THEN (Oh yes, there’s more!) I got home and found a bunch of flowers (recycled from Jute’s 21st, but flowers nonetheless) and a little jewelery pouch on the table with a note from Jutey Kid saying that it was to remind me of NZ in case I leave now that I’m all educated and stuff. It was a gorgeous little Kowhai charm for my charm necklace that I wear everywhere. It’s so cute and not to cheesy and touristy. A gorgeous little reminder that I’m a kiwi chick. Though the chances of me ever having enough money to move anywhere are very, very slim… we’ll just pretend it’s because I love NZ so much.

So yes, a great birthday. Turns out I don’t need to give up on them just yet. Oh and Kimberley, I wanted to say that I sort of act like a Princess 90% of the time, so I think everyone is a little sick of paying me attention (though Tobin kept it up good and proper for today). hehe It seems they can put on a good show despite that though… we’ll see what a little hinting can get me next year 😉

And now for a little explanation about my necklace… because it is special to me and is now 5 years old so seems a good time for an introduction.

1) Ballet shoes from maman for my 2nd mother’s day.

2) Graduation cap when I finished my undergrad degree/21st birthday.

3) Heart (the start of the necklace) which I got on my 18th as a replacement for the necklace I lost, which was originally given to me when my little brother was born.

4) Fish from Tobin who is a Pisces.

5) 18 from my 18th birthday

6) Kowhai from my little sister for my 23rd birthday in case I decide to leave NZ.


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