Rambly list

1) My long lost friend Megan sent me a postcard with these gorgeous trolls adorning it. If Norway has trolls like these then I am totally there.

2) Ali sent me some gorgeous vintage layette patterns. I can’t wait to try some of the gorgeous little dresses in them. They look like they require a bit of skill to tackle though… eeeeek.

3) I got a job interview! For my dream job! Working at an International Development agency. I am hoping and wishing and praying to the God/s that I get it. Ahhhh it’d be sooooo good.

4) Got some awesome books from my Daddio. He asked what I wanted and I said I’d like something to teach me how to not kill vegetables. So he got me a cool little book that is written in simple enough english for the most gumby of gardeners (ie. Me) AND he got me a vego cook book! Amazing!! How did he know that I was absolutely hating cooking at the moment and all I needed was some inspiration?? Great book. Can’t wait to make about a million things in it.

5) Mum gave me some gorgy face products from Living Nature. Very yummy.

6) Made a few more zip purses for Christmas pressies. And now I am about to tackle an artsy clutch.

That’s all… off to watch Scrubs now! Weeeee.



6 thoughts on “Rambly list

  1. Thought you looked a bit skinny so food, cooking & eating go together.Was also going to send some high analysis fertiliser as your currrent flats vege garden is in serious phosphate and nitrogen deficit!!! but might I have got arrested as a terrorist sending Nitrophoska through NZPOST (Just in case you thought the red vege leaves were pretty it is actually the plants way of crying as it is severely stressed by lack of soil nutrients)


  2. Those artst clutches are failsafe!! I have made about 4 now and never ever stuffed up at all! Good luck for the job!!Whats the name of the gardening book? I swore I was going to give it a try this year but I’ve got a black thumb.


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