Alphabet by the Devil Child

A somewhat strange version of the alphabet was presented to me this afternoon… along with “TAKE A PHOTO OF ME!” She’s not shy that one. Please excuse the lack of pants as well. It seems I have to battle to the death each time I want her to be suitably attired for public viewing. Let’s just say, I’m on my last life and would quite like to reserve it for now.

So this was the letter ‘T’

This was Hannah’s ‘C’

And somehow, this was linked to the letter ‘M’?!?! Am I missing something?! M vaguely resembles an elephant (sans trunk). Uhuh.

In crafty news, I made a cushion out of an old wool blanket bought from trademe for $5 and a doily from the Salvation Army. It had to be the quickest thing I have EVER made. Admittedly, I only stuffed it halfway as I ran out of stuffing… but still super quick. And easy.

And I made another smock. This time I modified the cut so that it covers more of her back… but I didn’t make the straps long enough so it doesn’t quite fit the Devil Child. I am in the process of finding it a new home. I can’t wait to make more. Very fast. Just how I like ’em. Just call me Speed Demon (at the expense of attention to detail… err… and straight sewing.)

Omigoodness. Almost forgot to mention that I had my interview for Dream Job and it went really well… except for repeating “As I said earlier…” about 600 trillion times (argh nerves)… and they are interviewing 2 others for the job. I just have to hope my little socks off that they aren’t gorgeous and charming. Although, if I don’t get it then I’ll happily concede to someone gorgeous and charming. Fingers crossed.


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