My machines and I

have been pretty busy over the last two days. Making up for lost time I think.

This apple dress was made with the wrap dress tutorial from TinyHappy. I tried it the other way around but it didn’t look right. It is perfect with the wrappy bit round the back.

And this coat was made with some of the thrifted fabric that I bought yesterday and a slightly modified dressing gown pattern from the 1960s. The kiddo looks super cute in it. I can’t WAIT for winter.

Please excuse the model… she had just woken up from her sleep and was rather unimpressed at being asked to pose. No wonder she was grumpy, as this was her a bit earlier. (She dressed herself this morning… ballerina skirt and charming foam sandals. Mmm-mmmm.)

The reason she was so tired then is because of the UNGODLY hour she woke up this morning. ARGH. I’m surprised that isn’t a photo of me conked out on the floor to tell the truth.


10 thoughts on “My machines and I

  1. Aw – cute, there is something really special about a wee one conked out asleep on the floor, I always felt a tinge of guilt at being a parent who didn’t notice they were that tired until after they were zonked, but also so warm inside at how relaxed they were and how much they need us to look after them.


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