New policy

As of tonight I am instituting (re-instituting?) a new policy. It’s called “Spend some time with your family you neglectful toad”

So far it has meant that I have spent the afternoon making pizza dough and doing puzzles with the Devil Child… leading to dinner being ready on time (shock! horror!) and actually putting the kiddo to bed (although the little shite isn’t yet asleep… that’ll be ages off). Usually I’m sitting on here wasting away my life playing on forums and visiting blogs. NOW, don’t think I’m going all crazy up in here and am going to give up being an internet slob completely. NEVERRR I tell you. It just means I have to do it after Hannah is in bed. And not just browse aimlessly. Short and sweet I tell ya.

I feel so fulfilled already.

I wonder how long this will last.


2 thoughts on “New policy

  1. Good on ya. I can relate to that. My teen sometime says “Mum’s in the zone” when I’m reading blogs cos I can ignore screams, questions, and attempted conversation from the 4 of them while on line.Perhaps I better institute that policy too.


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