Babied out

Hannah and I attended the baby shower for a work friend today. I’ve only been working at this place for a few weeks and my last full day is tomorrow. Most of the time has been spent alongside this increasingly large woman. She’s loooovely… and so today we showered her with stuff on account of her expanding belly and ate tonnes of food put on by the company we work for. Yussss for being a catering company. The food rocked.

The babyshower presented me with an opportunity to rabbit on about modern cloth nappies for hours with a couple of preggo ladies. I had thought my interest in all things nappy was waning, but it turns out that no, I am still a fanatic. I thought I had truly bored the poor woman (who was silly enough to sit next to me) to tears but when I left she was still asking questions, so I can’t have been that mind numbing. I also warned her about how horrible birth was and that breastfeeding wasn’t always a walk in the park, but if you put your stubborn little mind to it, then you’ll get through all the crap. Oh yes, I’m charming.

But anyway, I’m quite enjoying this motherhood lark at the moment. Especially on day 2 of the new policy. It’s going well. I even prepared dinner the night before and just had to fling it all in a pan and turn the element on! Now that’s what I call post-work cooking. I even managed to diffuse a tired three year old from having a mega-meltdown because I wouldn’t let her have a donut for dinner! THAT is progress people.

P.S. I promise this will be a bit more crafty soon.

P.P.S. Thanks for the fabric Steph! I sent yours off today as yesterday I managed to leave it sitting on the ironing board as I wrangled the toddly kid and a trillion bags of miscellaneous crap out the door vaguely in time for work.


3 thoughts on “Babied out

  1. No probs! Sorry the packaging was a bit lame, I was sooooo tired from craft 2.0 and our family xmas dinner on Sunday that my eyes wouldn’t open on Monday and all I could think of was getting stuff done and going back to bed.


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