Secretive Santa

So… playing secret Santa at my work. $5 gift and all that.

Because I endeavour to join the ranks of the Queens of Craft, I made mine.

Two knitted dishcloths and a little zip purse.

But did I take photos? No.

So that’s all the bloggy goodness I have for you today. Perhaps I can get a stealth pic at the “unveiling” tomorrow morning. Best not give myself away… though I am pretty sure I have raved about the coolness of knitting to anyone who will listen. And the only other lady who knits at work (well, atleast admits it) knits soft toys. The teddy bear kind. I’m just not a teddy bear kinda girl. So the game might be over before it starts.

Right. Over and out.


One thought on “Secretive Santa

  1. oh you are so flash.the elusive handmade christmas is quietly and steathily evading moi.picked up seven ten-dollar pressiez for The Present Game from The Big Red Boutique aka warewhare.stink.but the rest are gonna be handmade, if i can get the kids to all focus on the camera at the same time… X


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