Holy Christmas Disasters

1. Clutch cable breaks in Masterton. Have to leave car there and get the train and bus back to Wellington. We are no longer able to travel to Rotorua for Christmas. Stuck in Wellington.

2. Booster seat left on train. Apparently it possibly made its way back to Masterton and will eventually get back to Wellington.

3. Last minute Christmas shopping to get done. Luckily Clea came to the rescue and drove me round central Wellington through Christmas Eve traffic! I’m pretty sure she has been present at every break down/car absence that I’ve had. I’m even pretty certain that the first time I met Clea she had to drive me round as I had a broken car! haha. How useless am I? Thank you lovely. I don’t know what I’d do without ya!

Right, so apart from 3 minor disasters I managed to get all my stuff sorted and instead of heading back to Rotorua to spend Christmas with Maman (who I haven’t spent Christmas with in 6 years) we will hang out in Welly and crash the family Christmas brunch that Niamh is holding. Yay for having friends whose parties you can crash.

So anyway, merry christmas everyone! Catch ya back here when I have gorged myself on food and am too full to move.


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