Post-Christmas Sewing

I have abandoned present making for a little bit (though I still have a heap more to make for the delayed Mama family Christmas on Jan 2nd) and decided to make Hanny-pants an outfit and then attempt a soft toy for the first time.

I made her a pair of pants out of an old linen shirt from my mama, and then decided to make her a matching smock from the fabric that I used for pockets on the back of the pants.

She wouldn’t let me take a photo of course. I had to chase her around the house for 1/2 an hour to even get this relatively un-blurry shot. (I had eaten all my bribery supplies this time. Oops.)

Then I decided to make a bunny using the pattern from Wee Wonderfuls pattern book no. 1 that was kindly sent from the ever-gorgeous Rhiannon. Due to my inability to sew well, I scrapped half the directions in the pattern and just sewed the basic bunny shape and then tried my hand at embroidery with no instructions whatsoever. Failed dismally. The first attempt her mouth was hideously crooked and she looked a little weird. So then I tried plain eyes and a little cross mouth which looked a lot better, though instead it is her eyes that don’t match at all. Ah well… she can pull it off i think.

Anyway, this is Florence. She’s a high class bunny who doesn’t like to get dirty. She enjoys the finer things in life, such as dining and reading and is most unimpressed with her introduction to the Devil Child. I’m sure she’ll get used to it.


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